Why Goldea Health?

We understand very well that you can no longer see the forest for the trees. Right now there are so many supplement providers, all of which seem to offer the same thing. But what sets Goldea Health apart and what is the reason for choosing us? We are happy to explain why!

Why Goldea

Free advice

At Goldea Health we believe in one appropriate advice tailor-made and not in standardized answers. That is why we offer ourselves free and personally supplement advice On. Our team, including an orthomolecular nutritionist, will look with you at your wishes and lifestyle. This advice is completely without obligation and based on the needs of your body.

Free and personal advice on Goldea health supplements

Beware of harmful substances in supplements

Unfortunately, many supplement providers are unnecessary even harmful substances added to supplements. This includes substances such as silicon dioxide, glazing agents and anti-caking agents. We think it is important to inform people about this and make them alert. In our mini course 'Know what you're taking' It describes in detail which substances you should pay attention to when purchasing supplements. These ingredients are complete not necessary. That's why we keep our formulas pure and pure.


Socially responsible

Our products are complete vegan, 100% natural and pure. The packaging is made of sustainable cardboard and we ship via letterbox. Besides the environmental aspect, this also creates a time and cost burden money saving for you as a customer.

Our warehouse and logistics department employs people who are at a distance from the labor market. We would like to contribute to this. Want to know more about how we contribute our green part to a better world? read it here.


Our formulas are based on scientific research and supported by natural scientists, orthomolecular therapists, doctors and experts.  All our supplements are from Dutch soil. 

Doctor Valentine about Goldea Health:
“As a plant-based doctor for integrative medicine and lifestyle, I think it is important that supplements are pure and plant-based. Without unnecessary and harmful additives. High quality, solidly substantiated by science. I find these qualities at Goldea Health. A Dutch company that values ​​quality, sustainability and transparency as highly as I do!”

Doctor Valentine doctor for integrative medicine and lifestyle Goldea Health
Subscription benefit

Subscription benefit 

By not adding unnecessary additives to our products and choosing easy shipping boxes, we can durable products offer for one affordable price

If you like to choose convenience, we do too! That is why we offer all our supplements in a convenient subscription form. This way you not only receive your supplements on time every month, but you also benefit from them 10% discount. Easy and simple to adjust every month. And always, not good = money back Guarantee!

Our mission

A healthier world with reliable supplements from the Netherlands.

In short, choose Goldea Health!

No harmful substances

Personal free advice

Sustainable and trusted

Subscription benefit

Why Goldea
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