Why did goldea choose the blister packaging?

Why did goldea choose the blister packaging?

We are regularly asked this question. In this blog we are therefore happy to explain our choice for the blister packaging!

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  1. Maximum shelf life
  2. Simple dosing and insight into your stock
  3. Convenience and environment
  4. Child Safety
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The capsules and softgels of Goldea Health are individually packed by the blister strips, so that the quality is preserved. With traditional jars, the supplements are subject to external influences as soon as the jar is opened for the first time. This way, moisture gets into the pot as soon as the lid opens. Another advantage of blister packs is that you only touch the pills you are currently taking. With a jar of capsules you often take a few in your hand, after which you put the rest back in the jar. As a result, the unused pills come into contact with bacteria.

Did you know that studies have shown that people are more likely to take their supplements faithfully in blister packs compared to jars? This is because with a blister pack you have a better idea when the stock is almost exhausted. This allows you to order your new supplements on time. With a pot you quickly wait too long, so that you discover too late that the stock is almost empty. In addition, the pharmacy world prefers to use a blister pack, because this way users receive their daily dose more often.

The advantage of a blister strip compared to a glass jar goes further than just the dosage and the preservation of quality. Convenience also plays an important role. For example, the blister packs not only take up less space. You can also more easily take the strips in your handbag or, for example, in your suitcase on holiday. The packages can also be sent more easily, so a blister pack in a letterbox box fits easily through the letterbox. This is also good for the environment, because the labour-intensive parcel service with associated higher C02 emissions is not necessary. Finally, the cardboard Goldea Health uses for the packaging is biodegradable.

Studies have shown that blister packs perform better in terms of child safety than jars with a child-resistant cap. Many children are able to open a jar with a child-resistant lid within seconds and poison themselves in this way. Blister packs, on the other hand, offer a significantly higher level of safety and in most cases score an F=1, which is the highest available child safety rating.

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