Which path do supplements take through the body?

Supplements by the human body

Have you ever wondered how supplements can find the right way into your body? Then read on quickly and discover the journey of the supplements you take.

Where does the supplement’s journey begin?

It starts naturally in the mouth. When you swallow the supplement, an intact capsule ends up in the stomach via the esophagus.

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What role does the stomach play in taking supplements?

The stomach has gastric juices and acid. The stomach is not only responsible for breaking down food but also for breaking down supplements. To prevent the supplement from coming into contact with stomach acid, the supplement has a stomach acid-resistant layer. This layer is not dissolved in the stomach but only in the intestines, so that the supplement is only released in the intestines and can no longer come into contact with stomach acid. Supplements must be absorbed before they can work. This often happens in the small intestine. Some supplements are absorbed faster than others.

Tip from Goldea

Do you have trouble swallowing the supplement? Then bend your head slightly forward while swallowing. This prevents the supplement you are taking from getting stuck in your throat.

Take a sip of water, put the supplement on your tongue and swallow it with large gulps of water. Then drink a whole glass of water. For the best absorbability, take your supplements during your meal rather than before or after.

How does the supplement know where to go?

The supplement doesn’t know that. Supplements are absorbed from the gut into the blood, after which it can be spread by the whole body. The distribution in the body is different for each supplement.

Why does Goldea Health have supplements with a high absorbability?

Nature provides an enormous amount of powerful substances that can do a lot of good to a person. Goldea Health knows how to use this carefully. Goldea Health has developed its supplements in collaboration with (natural) scientists and therapists from the Netherlands. Each unique formula is tailored to a specific need and contributes to a healthy body.

How do supplements find their way out?

There are several ways in which the human body can get rid of supplements. This can be via the kidneys but also via the liver. Some supplements go out through both organs. Our kidneys filter the blood. Supplements that are filtered are collected in the urine.

Do you want free supplement advice?

Goldea Health offers free personal advice tailored to your lifestyle and needs. So that you know exactly which supplements are best for you to take for optimal health.

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FAQ about the journey of supplements through your body

[vc_toggle title=”Which supplements should I take?” style=”square_outline” color=”orange” size=”lg” open=”true”]It depends on how you live and what shortcomings you could supplement.[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”Are all Goldea Health supplements plant-based?” style=”square_outline” colour=”orange” size=”lg” open=”true”]Yes, all supplements are completely plant-based. It is completely natural and is available as a vegetable capsule or softgel.[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”How long does it take before you can say that taking supplements has an effect?” style=”square_outline” color=”orange” size=”lg” open=”true”]We cannot specify a time period. It depends on how healthy you are, how many deficiencies you have and how much and how regularly you take the supplements. You will also notice more difference with one supplement than with another. Contact us for (free) personal advice.[/vc_toggle]
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