What is D-Mannose?

What is D-Mannose?

D-Mannose is a form of sugar that your body can get from food or supplements. Our body cannot make it on its own, but it does need it to function properly.

In nature you can find D-Mannose in various fruits and plants. Cranberries and apples, among others, contain natural D-mannose.

The use of D-mannose supplements in the treatment of urinary tract infections is gaining popularity. In this blog we tell you more about this.

The wrong bacteria in your bladder

Urinary tract infections are in many cases caused by the intestinal bacteria E. coli. This bacteria can do no harm in your intestines, but if it ends up in your bladder, you can suffer from a bladder infection. The following symptoms may be associated with a bladder infection:

  • Have to pee often
  • Burning feeling
  • Abdominal and/or back pain
  • Pain when urinating

A bladder infection that is not treated can develop into a kidney infection. If you suspect a bladder or kidney infection, always contact your doctor!

The beneficial effects of D-mannose*

Researchers suspect that D-mannose is an excellent choice for treating and preventing bladder infections. Because the E. coli bacterium attaches itself to the D-Mannose, the bad bacteria leave your bladder during urination. In addition, D-mannose does not seem to cause any unpleasant side effects. It leaves the healthy bacteria alone. Also, your body does not develop resistance, so you can continue to use D-mannose.

High quality natural D-mannose


At Goldea Health we offer you the best of nature. All our supplements are completely natural and of high quality. For example, we do not add unnecessary (artificial) ingredients to our recipes.

Vegan supplements

Our entire range is suitable for vegans. We only use vegetable ingredients and the casings of our capsules do not contain gelatin, but pectin. We get this component from the skin of fruits.

Do you have a question about D-mannose?

Do you want to know more about how D-mannose works or do you have a question about the use of D-mannose in a urinary tract infection? For these and all your other questions, feel free to contact with us. Our specialists are happy to advise you.

Why do you combine D-mannose with bearberry leaf*?

Bearberry leaf has been known for its beneficial effects on the urinary tract since the Middle Ages. It contains the substance arbutin, which has a cleansing effect.

Buy D-mannose in our webshop?

You can easily order our vegan supplements online:

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As soon as we receive your order, we will get to work for you. We ensure that your package arrives at home as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions about D-mannose

*Health claims pending approval by the European Commission.

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