Vitamin ABC

If you want to use vitamins, Goldea Health is the right place for you. Our range consists of various vitamins, minerals, herbs and other substances. All our ingredients are different and provide a good addition to a healthy and varied diet.

The Vitamin ABC has been drawn up to inform you about the effect of each ingredient, and in which of our natural nutritional supplements you will find the ingredients. You will find more information about the supplements your body needs.


You need vitamins to keep your body healthy and fit. Unfortunately, our body does not produce vitamins itself, or not enough. Fortunately, we already get a lot of nutrients through our diet. But nowadays you no longer get all the necessary vitamins from food. And in some situations your body just asks for that little bit extra. Consider, for example, pregnancy, people who eat vegetarian/vegan or people who are recovering from an illness. Fortunately, we can supplement these necessary vitamins through supplements.

Do you know which one? vitamins you all need?
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Minerals are important for our body and help keep you fit and healthy. Minerals are necessary for, among other things, your energy level, immune system, hormones and enzymes. Our body does not produce minerals itself, but obtains them from food. In the case of a lack of minerals, you can think of, for example, iron deficiency, which can in turn lead to: anemia.

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We mainly know herbs from the kitchen, but they have been used as medicine for years. Herbs are full of active substances that can have a positive effect on your health, provided you take them in the right amount. Our herbal supplements, also called herbal preparations, contain the correct dosage that you need every day to support a healthy lifestyle.

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Other substances

Not only vitamins and minerals are included in our range. There are other substances that occur in our nutritional supplements. View the list on the right to see which other substances are in our nutritional supplements and what these substances do for your body.

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