Turmeric and pepper: a golden combination

Turmeric and pepper: a golden combination

In Indian cuisine, many dishes contain turmeric and pepper and in this country a number of diseases that we often encounter in the Western World are almost non-existent. Coincidence, or by a golden combination?

The spice turmeric gets its yellow color from curcumin, and this powerful antioxidant has been linked to a variety of health benefits. When you eat curcumin, only a small amount gets into your blood. Your liver breaks down curcumin.

Curcumin from Goldea Health

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Active ingredients in our Curcumin supplements

Curcumin C3 complex®

Very high curcumin content (95%). Curcumin gives turmeric its bright, yellow color.


A component of black pepper that, among other things, provides the spicy taste of this spice. Makes curcumin more absorbable.

The effect of pepper on the absorption of curcumin

If you eat regular turmeric, the curcumin will be visible in your blood after a few hours. However, the amounts are small, as your liver gets to work breaking down the curcumin. Do you combine eating turmeric with pepper? Then the values ​​​​of curcumin in your blood skyrocket, because the substance Bioperine® in black pepper inhibits the breakdown process.

Turmeric and Bioperine®: not for everyone!

Both turmeric and Bioperine® can affect the way your body absorbs medicines. Do you use medication? Always consult an expert before you start using a supplement.

Do you have any questions about our supplements?

Do you have questions about our natural food supplements or do you want advice on which food supplement best suits your needs? Feel free to contact us! We are happy to advise you.

Other benefits of Indian cuisine

Eating the spice turmeric in combination with pepper may have a beneficial effect on health. But is this the only reason why Indian cuisine is so good for you? Definitely not! In traditional Indian cuisine, people eat:

  • Little to no meat
  • Lots of fruits and vegetables
  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Beans
  • Lentils

In other words: the well-known building blocks of a complete plant-based diet!


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