The effect of the ashwagandha supplement

Ashwagandha supplement by Goldea: a natural supplement for stress situations 

Almost everyone will have experienced the feeling of stress at some point. You are far too busy at work or things are not going well in your private live and that causes a lot of stress in the head.

The result is a period of considerable stress and that leads to the fact that sleeping is not going well as before. You are also worrying in bed at night and less of sleep ensures that you are not enjoyable during the day. In short: the problems are piling up.

Dealing with this situations

To counteract this stress and its associated consequences, Goldea has the Ashwagandha supplement for you at home. This natural calmer can ensure that the stress decreases and you feel more balanced during stressful situations. In addition, Ashwagandha helps to get to sleep better, so that you will eventually feel better during the day.

What is Ashwagandha?

Let’s start by telling you where Ashwagandha comes from. Ashwagandha is an herb or adaptogen, native to India, which is also called ‘Indian Ginseng’. The name comes from ‘ashva’ and ‘gandha’, which means ‘horse’ and ‘smell’ respectively. The reason for this is that the root of the Ashwagandha plant has the smell of this animal. Ashwagandha has been used for medicine in India for thousands of years and the active substance contained in it is called withanolide. Ultimately, it provides a relaxing effect, which of course helps during stressful situations or periods.

Ashwagandha benefits

Taking the Ashwagandha supplement brings quite a few benefits. The main advantage of the Ashwagandha effect is, as described earlier, that it helps in stress situations. Tests have shown that people with Ashwagandha experiences get a balanced and uplifting feeling from it. But not only that: Ashwagandha also has its benefits for health.

Research shows that the Ashwagandha supplement can help to improve the health of the thyroid gland. In addition, the use of this can lead to less body fat and can help with weight loss. That’s due to lowering cortisol, which is also called the stress hormone.

Are there any Ashwagandha disadvantages?

However, if you use more than the recommended dosage for a longer period of time, negative side effects can occur. That is an example of the Ashwagandha disadvantages. With excessive use, stomach and intestinal complaints can arise and the chance of abdominal pain and diarrhea is therefore increased. Therefore, always make sure that you do not take more than the recommended dosage. Another disadvantage of the Ashwagandha supplement is that it is better to avoid it when you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

All the benefits

Nevertheless, the Ashwagandha benefits predominate with the main fact that it takes away some of the stress. We sum up the rest of the benefits for you:

  • Helps you to relax the body and mind
  • Helps to sleep better
  • Leads to less sleep deprivation, which results in you being fitter during the day
  • Improves attention and is good for memory and therefore productivity

Goldea: natural dietary supplements for the benefit of your health

As mentioned, Goldea has the Ashwagandha supplement in its range and this is just one of the natural dietary supplements that Goldea wants to make the world a little better with. Goldea stands for a healthier, happier and longer life for every person and can therefore rightly call itself an expert in the field of natural food supplements.

We believe that these supplements can help in a better balance in the health of everyone. That is why we like to share our knowledge with everyone and we want to inspire and motivate people to make the world a healthier place. Of course, our formulas are compiled by natural scientists, based on the most recent scientific studies.

Go for some stress relive and orde the Ashwagandha supplement!

Do you also want to get rid of the stress moments? Then try the Ashwagandha supplement from Goldea and enjoy all the benefits! This natural calmer provides more balance in stressful situations, a better night’s sleep and an uplifting feeling to reduce these stress situations. Do you have any questions before you order the product from us? No problem! We are ready to answer any questions. You can use our contact form, send an email to or call 020-2623336 and we will be happy to explain everything about this effective supplement.


*Always consult your doctor or pharmacist before using this product in case of simultaneous use with antidepressants, liver disease, thyroid disease and/or use of thyroid hormones. Caution is advised when using medication that promotes serotonin production (particularly antidepressants). Ashwagandha can enhance the effect of these medicines. When in doubt, always order subject to a check by a specialized pharmacist and or doctor.

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