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Natural support for relaxation and rest


Relax assisted supplements help the human body maintain daily stressors. They contain a combination of vitamins, minerals and nutrients designed to stabilize your mood.
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1 × VITAMIN C – 30 capsules

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1 × VEGAN OMEGA 3 – 30 softgels

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1 × MAGNESIUM-COMPLEX – 60 capsules

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1 × VITAMIN D3 - 30 softgels

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The package consists of four different supplements: Magnesium, Ultimate Relax Complex, Ashwangandha and Sleep Support. These supplements help address vitamin or mineral deficiencies that can otherwise lead to increased stress levels.

Why Goldea Health’s nutritional supplements?

Goldea Health’s dietary supplements are pure and pure, without unnecessary and/or artificial additives. These mainly concern active ingredients in a high dose. The capsules in which the raw materials are placed are vegetable and easily soluble in the stomach. Goldea Health supplements are 100% natural and therefore vegan. Moreover, it is produced in the Netherlands and meets the highest quality requirements.

Why are these supplements not in one pill, but do I have to take 4?

Due to the different composition of raw materials, namely liquid and powder, it cannot be combined. The capsule would also become too big to swallow.

What does this natural rest pack contribute to?

  • Magnesium
    Good for the nervous system
    Good for the mood

  • Ultimate Relax Complex

    Contributes to normal resistance to stress

  • Ashwangandha

    Helps to sleep well
    Contributes to normal resistance to stress
    Balanced in stressful situations

  • Sleep support

    In tension and stress situations
    Helps promote sleep readiness
    Helps to sleep well
    Wake up rested

Goldea Health is not permitted by law to provide all (complete) information concerning the workings of this supplement. For more information, we recommend that you consult an orthomolecular information resource.

A helpful package for total relaxation!


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100% natural food supplements

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Very happy with Goldea Health’s nutritional supplements! The quality is top notch, it is pure (without junk) and every month I have it back on time thanks to their handy subscriptions. Recommended!


Nice and clear site. I placed an order and received it the next day. Beautiful packaging! I’m curious about the effects.


A small party that comes through the letterbox, the products of Goldea! I am not a ‘pill-swallower’ by nature, but the Goldea capsules are not only beautiful to look at, but also very easy to remove. I lacked some energy and I notice that since I take the supplements from Goldea this has become a lot better.


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