Goldea Health Reviews with ekomi.nl
Goldea Health Reviews with ekomi.nl


This beautiful product has ensured that I am less bothered by busyness in my head and feel more relaxed. I am very pleased with the Mood Control!
irem - Verified user

The Mood Control has a positive influence on the nervous system and is beneficial for mental balance.

Helps support mind and body 
Operates calming and relaxing 
Supports the sleep 
Beneficial for a good cleric balans


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Our Mood Control nutritional supplement is a specially developed formula that has a positive influence on the nervous system and contributes to good mental balance.

It is a product that is suitable for people who want peace of mind and want to feel more relaxed. The Mood Control is also designed for people who have ADHD, depression and/or the like. This unique supplement was formulated by a group of scientists in collaboration with a test panel and has a proven effect.

Additional information

Composition (1 vegan capsule):

  • Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin) | 2,5mcg |
  • 5-HTP (Griffonia extract) | 100mg | *
  • Melissa extract | 80mg | *
  • Passionflower extract | 75mg | *
  • Chamomile extract | 300mg | *
  • Probiotics Lactospore® | CFU

RI = Reference Intake

*RI not determined

Ingredients: Chamomile, 5-http Griffonia, Melissa, Passiflora, Vit. B12, Nettle Leaf, Olive Oil. Vegetable HPMC (+ copper complex of Chlorophyll) capsule.

Why choose the Mood Control?

Mood Control, the innovative supplement for people with ADHD and depression complaints, offers an alternative without the side effects of opiates, SSRIs and SNRIs. In contrast to traditional approaches (with 5-htp), it is recommended to take this supplement in the morning. It helps balance the mind and calm the busy head, allowing for a clear and optimistic start to the day. Discover the benefits of Mood Control and experience effective mood control for yourself.

What is in the Mood Control supplement?

The Mood Control is made up of a composition of herbs with added probiotics and a small amount of vitamin B12. We have developed and extensively tested this formula with a group of natural scientists and experts. The combination of beautiful active herbs such as Griffonia, Passionflower, Melissa and Chamomile with the addition of Probiotics makes it a unique supplement in the Dutch market. We chose probiotics because your intestines are your second brain.

What is the Mood Control good for?

  • Griffonia has a positive influence on the nervous system**
  • Passion flower helps to support body and mind**
  • balm for stress/tension and restlessness**
  • balm en Camille support a good night's sleep**
  • Camille helps with mental pressure and exertion**
  • Camille helps keep the mind clear**
  • Vitamin B12 beneficial for a good mental balance
  • Vitamin B12 is good for concentration and contributes to learning performance

** Health claim pending European approval.


Goldea Health would like to provide all complete information regarding this supplement, however only approved claims may be made. Do you want more information? Then we recommend consulting an orthomolecular knowledge source.

Use and dosage:
1 capsule per day with a meal, unless otherwise advised. Do not exceed recommended daily dosage. Preferably take in the morning.

A varied, balanced diet and healthy lifestyle are important, and nutritional supplements are not a substitute.

Free of:

  • Animal ingredients
  • Artificial fillers
  • Lactose
  • Preservatives
  • Dyes
  • Fragrances
  • Flavorings
  • gluten

Storage advice:

Store dry and at room temperature, keep out of the reach of children.

A varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important, and nutritional supplements are not a substitute.

This is what our customers think


This is a great product! What a solution and great that you developed this. My head is always very busy, but now I experience much more peace.

Marieke (test panel)

Within a few days I noticed a difference. I'm always on and have a lot on my mind. This supplement brings it more into balance.

Kim (test panel)

Great product. I really needed this. Within a few days I experienced a positive difference.

Jake (test panel)

Goldea Health Reviews with ekomi.nl

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