Powerduo of Bearberry leaf and D-Mannose


✔ Choose pure without additives
✔ With D-Mannose and Bearberry Leaf
✔ Stronger than cranberry
✔ Good for the bladder function
✔ 100% Natural and vegan
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The Premium Bladder Complex supports the natural health of your bladder.

What is D Mannose?

D Mannose is the name for a specific form of glucose (sugar) that we find in nature in different kinds of fruits, plants and trees. Blueberries, oranges and peaches, for example, contain natural D Mannose.

What is bearberry?

Bearberry is a shrub that is commonly found in the Netherlands and was already known in the Middle Ages for its cleansing effect on the urinary tract.

Why is D Mannose often used to treat cystitis?

When you have a bladder infection, it is often caused by E-coli bacteria. Although E-coli does have a protective function in your intestines, the bacterium causes problems if it gets into your bladder. Scientists suspect that E-coli bacteria can attach themselves to D Mannose, which enables you to get rid of both of them when you urinate. Researchers also believe that the D Mannose type of sugar fights bladder infections more effectively than the active substances in cranberry.

Why can bearberry be effective against cystitis?

The bearberry may potentially have an effect on E-coli bacteria in the bladder. When you consume bearberry, your body converts the arbutins from this berry into hydroquinone which fights E-coli bacterium.

How do D Mannose and bearberry support* the natural health of your bladder?

  • D Mannose only attacks the bad bacteria in your bladder.
  • Bearberry supports the urinary tract and is beneficial for a healthy bladder.

*Health claims are currently pending approval by the European Commission.

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Goldea Health has good a service and fine products. I really noticed a difference and have taken a subscription.


I used to have a bladder infection in the summer. Hot weather, not drinking enough.. But now I have it well under control with the Premium Bladder Complex from Goldea Health.


Clear site and so nice that everything is vegan. Now I no longer have to check what is in each product, but I just know that it is 'safe'.


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