Sport supplements

Plant-based sport supplements by Dennis van der Geest

Pre Workout

Pre workout

A vegan pre-workout formula. For extra energy before and during your training. With caffeine and green tea extract. In the taste apple.

Plant-based pre-workout

For more energy

Apple taste

Post workout

A vegan protein shake, based on high-quality proteins with a rich amino acid profile. Helps you to improve your sports performance and achieve your goals.

Plant-based protein shake

Promotes recovery

Chocolate banana taste

Post Workout Eiwitshake

Good for you.
Good for the earth.

It is not only better for yourself to choose for plant-based alternatives, but this will also help the environment. Did you know that animal production is associated with a lot of greenhouse gas emissions? That is one of the reasons why Goldea and Dennis van der Geest choose vegan.

Lab tested

Quality is important and that is why every production batch is carefully tested in the laboratory. Our supplements are tested for pesticides, heavy metals and other contaminants.

Magnesium complex

Goldea is a clean label, without junk and unnecessary additives, as a former top athlete a reason for me to become curious. That the products come from Dutch soil and have a nice packaging, makes it even better.  

In collaboration with Dennis van der Geest

Goldea Health and Dennis van der Geest has developed a new sports line in the same philosophy as Goldea Health. Pure and clean products, without unnecessary additives, with a great tast en suitable for vegans. The best quality sports supplements from Dutch soil, right through your letterbox. Get to know Goldea Sports.

This is what our customers think

Beautiful and clear site. I placed an order and it was delivered the next day. Beautiful packaging! I'm curious about the effects.


Goldea Health heeft een goede service en fijne producten. Ik merk echt verschil en heb inmiddels een abonnement genomen.


Clear site and so nice that everything is vegan. Now I no longer have to check what is in each product, but I just know that it is 'safe'.


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