Package deals

Dietary supplements don’t have to be expensive. At Goldea Health you can quickly and easily order a supplement package for a good price and high quality. View the range of discount packages, order directly and receive your package quickly at home.

Discount packages nutritional supplements

We at Goldea Health have put together various benefit packages that make a positive contribution to your health. We offer discount packages for:

  • daily use;
  • healthy skin;
  • relaxing;
  • A winterpack;
  • And a sport package.

These package deals consist of various vitamins, minerals and nutrients to boost the resistance and contribute to the support of the immune system. The packages each contain four nutritional supplements that support a glowing skin, help to relax, help you through the winter and are provided with daily basic supplements. Depending on which benefit package you choose, of course. Buy your discount package today before 17:00 (on working days) and receive your order the next day.

Goldea Health dietary supplements

Goldea Health’s dietary supplements are pure and without unnecessary and/or artificial additives. Our supplements contain active ingredients with a high dose. Our food supplements are completely vegan and are easily dissolved in the stomach. If you were not yet convinced of our nutritional supplements, you are now. We get the best from nature and process it in our products. In addition, Goldea Health supplements are produced in the Netherlands and meet the highest quality requirements. Not sure which supplements are good for you? Request a free and personal advice from us. It is completely tailored to your lifestyle and needs.

Daily supplements in a package deal

At Goldea Health you are immediately ready for the day with the supplements from the Daily Essential Pack. This package contains 4 different basic supplements suitable for everyone. If you do not know where to start taking nutritional supplements, this package is suitable for you. This package has been specially developed for starters and contains all the vitamins you need every day. In today’s society in which we demand a lot from our body, it is also nice if we also give our body something in return. With the addition of nutritional supplements to your daily diet and exercise pattern, we provide our body with more energy.

Get your quality with Goldea Health

When you choose Goldea Health, you choose so much more than just nutritional supplements. Goldea Health’s supplements are different from other nutritional supplements because:

  • our supplements consist of 100% natural ingredients;
  • our supplements are high dosed;
  • we offer supplements for a fair price.

In addition, within Goldea Health we consider the environment and animal welfare as very important. Our food supplements are therefore completely vegan. We use vegetable capsules or a softgel. This is called pectin, which is extracted from the skin of fruits and is therefore – unlike gelatin – non-animal. If possible, our packages are also sent as a letterbox package. Handy, because this takes up less space for transport and you don’t have to stay home for your package! Do you have a question about one of our nutritional supplements or do you just want more information? Do not hesitate and contact us. Our team is happy to help and thinks along with you about a personal approach.