Herbal formula

Herbs have been used as medicine for years. Various herbs are found in different cultures that are used in medicine. Goldea Health’s dietary supplements contain a variety of herbs and herbal extracts. View our offer below and order directly.

Herbal Supplements, What Are They?

Herbs are full of active substances that can have a positive effect on your health, if taken in the right amount. Herbal supplements, also known as herbal preparations, contain the correct dosage that you need every day to support a healthy lifestyle. Eating plants and herbs is often not enough to get the right amount of active ingredients. The herbal supplements are available in tablets, capsules, powders or drops. A nutritional supplement offers a solution here. With the help of a herbal supplement you get enough active substances from the plant.

Herbal food supplement

The herbs we use for cooking or making tea do not contain enough active ingredients. A herbal dietary supplement contains sufficient of these substances that contribute to a positive health effect. Goldea Health’s dietary supplements contain a range of herbs and herbal extracts that, among other things, support:

  • good digestion;
  • normal stomach function;
  • the immune system;
  • the bladder;
  • and our energy level.

Please note: a varied diet and healthy lifestyle are important and cannot be replaced by dietary supplements.

Herbs from Goldea Health

In our range you will find different types of herbs processed in our food supplements. Some of our herbs are Curcumin, D-mannose, Garlic and Ashwagandha. Our herbal preparations are of high quality and have been carefully composed by natural scientists on the basis of scientific insights. Request free and personal advice, based on your lifestyle and needs.

Want to buy herbs?

Buy herbs at Goldea Health. With us you are assured of high quality 100% natural nutritional supplements for a competitive price. Enjoy free shipping on orders from €30 and fast delivery; Orders placed on working days before 5 PM will be delivered the next day! In addition, all our products are completely vegan and we ship the packages as sustainably as possible. You don’t even have to be at home for this, the package can just go through the letterbox! Enjoy the right amounts of herbs, minerals and vitamins every month? Then opt for repeat convenience and receive all your nutritional supplements on your mat every month. If you have any questions, please contact us, we are happy to help!