Our green impact

Our green impact

Sustainability; it is now more important than ever and more and more people and companies are becoming aware of this, although it sometimes takes some effort. As a consumer, we pay attention to what we buy, where it comes from and what impact this has. But also (read: certainly) as a company it is important to make sustainable choices where you can. Precisely because the impact you have as a company is even greater. That is why we are happy to include you in the impact we make. What are we doing to contribute our green bit to a better world?

Onze groene impact

Our warehouse

Your order will be packed and prepared for shipment in the warehouse. In our warehouse, located in Ede, people work with a physical/mental disability. Finding a job can sometimes be difficult for people with disabilities. With your purchase you not only make a conscious choice for yourself and the environment, but you also make a difference for others in society!

Packstore Ede: ”We have been working with Goldea Health for over 2 years now. Our work mainly consists of picking and sending the incoming orders. In addition, sorting out the packages that have not arrived or counting the stock. We try to do this in the most sustainable way possible. We ship in letterbox boxes (supplied by Goldea). If the order is a bit larger, so that it does not fit in a letterbox box, we will send it in a box that fits as much as possible in size. So that we don’t send ‘air’. The package is also filled with (environmentally friendly) paper and no plastic materials are used.
Packstore has been working with people who are at a distance from the labor market from the start. We believe that everyone has their talents and therefore want to give everyone the opportunity to use them. Everyone is equal.”
Ons warehouse


Many nutritional supplements are packaged in plastic jars. The contents of these jars are often not completely filled and are often made of hard plastic. Our supplements are packaged in blister strips; this saves on the amount of plastic. In addition, they also easily fit through the letterbox. This is how we reduce our ecological footprint!

By the way, did you know that pills in strips are less sensitive to environmental factors than pills in jars? As a result, the quality is better guaranteed. That is also an additional reason for us to choose comics.

Samenwerking Houtstek

Collaboration Houtstek

As part of the reintegration and day care organization Roads, Houtstek is a sheltered workshop that produces unique wood products on request. With the greatest care they make our beautifull wooden displays, which we deliver to the physical locations where Goldea Health can be found, such as health food stores, vitamin specialty stores, health centers, therapists, and natural beauty salons*.

Houtstek Amsterdam: ”We make promotional material for Goldea Health on request. For example, we designed displays, then lasered them from wood and printed them. We also designed and realized a small pill box for them. Houtstek, as part of Roads, offers a creative place for daytime activities and reintegration for people for whom finding a job is more difficult.”

*Do you see yourself in this list and do you also want to offer Goldea Health to your customers/clients? Click here.

A Dutch produce

Since the beginning of Goldea Health, we have been producing in the Netherlands. The big advantage of this is the shorter travel distances, which means that we produce less CO2 than if we were to import from abroad. In this way we also keep a better view of the quality of our supplements and we can easily switch when necessary. In addition, it is valuable to us that we contribute to the national economy and employment in this way.

Van Nederlandse bodem


Online shopping is becoming more popular every year, which is why it is important to consciously look for CO2 neutral options when it comes to shipping. Did you know, for example, that packages are on average half filled with air? They therefore take up much more space than necessary and that is of course a great shame! We send most of our packages as letterbox mail. And via PostNL green, where sustainable delivery is the standard! This also contributes to a green imapct on the environment.

Onze missie

Het creëren van een gezondere wereld met behulp van plantaardige en betrouwbare voedingssupplementen van Nederlandse bodem, voor een duurzame toekomst.

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