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Here you will find images and texts ready for use on your social media channels. Select the desired photo(s) and accompanying text to attract the attention of your customers on Instagram and Facebook.

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Caption action #07 Digestion Complex

Do you already have the voucher from @goldeahealth🌟? This gives you a 50% discount on the #07 Digestion Complex during the month of December. Try it now for only €13,50🔥!

Whether it concerns festive dinners, holidays or changes in temperature and diet, this product supports digestion in every situation💪🏼!

The supplement to get through the holidays well💚! Visit our store and hand in your voucher.

#digestion #goldeahealth #goldea #intestines

Caption new hormone products:

Specially developed for Women & Men! ✨

De #13 Hormone Balance is designed to be a healthy hormonal support balance. For women with PMS complaints, impurities, mood swings en menstrual complaints. With natural ingredients such as Vitex Agnus Castus, Dong Quai en Shatavari, this product provides relief from night sweats and supports a normal menstrual cycle.

De #14 Testo Booster has been specially developed to support male potency and contributes to the maintenance of normal testosterone levels in the blood. For men who struggle with a testosterone deficiency of hormonal complaints. With natural ingredients such as Zinc, Liboost en S, this product offers a natural boost for a vital and energetic life for men.

Come visit our store and discover Goldea!💚

#goldeahealth #hormones #pmscomplaints #hormonebalance #testoteronebooster #hormonemanagement #naturalsupplements

Caption general 1:

The truth behind @goldeahealth ✨

Goldea was founded to make the world a bit healthier by inspiring, sharing knowledge and motivating people towards good, balanced health. 🌿 Using good nutritional supplements can make the difference. Goldea wants to put an end to all chemical additives, which is why they are 100% natural and pure. 🌱 Supported by experts such as doctors, orthomolecular therapists and natural scientists, Goldea has a beautiful range of unique formulas.

Come visit our store and discover Goldea!💚

#goldeahealth #healthylifestyle #naturalsupplements

Caption general 2:

Naturally. Pure. Trusted. 🌿

Come visit our store and discover the @goldeahealth range. These high-quality nutritional supplements are 100% natural and come from Dutch soil. 💫

#goldeahealth #healthylifestyle #naturalsupplements

Caption general 3:

Magnesium. Essential for your health. 🌱

The #06 Power 5 Magnesium from @goldeahealth contains the 5 most absorbable organic forms of magnesium!

Curious about what else supplements can help you? Come visit our store and get personal advice!✨

#goldeahealth #healthylifestyle #naturalsupplements #magnesium

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