Learning a good habit, how do you do that?

How to develop a good habit?

Goldea Health gives tips

Taking nutritional supplements. You are now completely convinced that this is a good addition to your daily diet. Your order has arrived and you decide to take them the next day. But then after a few days you find out that you have completely forgotten to take your supplements… How do you develop a new good habit? Goldea Health gives six tips!

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Learning a daily routine

Many people forget their nutritional supplements because it has not (yet) become part of their daily routine. We therefore give tips on how to learn a daily routine. You know why you want to take supplements daily. Now the question is how you can do that every day.

1. Do you already have a clear goal?

Write down why you want to take supplements every day. For example: Taking supplements every day can drastically change my health. Or by taking supplements every day I can start to feel fitter and more energetic. As long as you keep your goal in mind, you will see that you will no longer forget your daily supplements. You can of course put together your goal together with your therapist or advisor. If you would like free supplement advice, please contact: Goldea Health

2. Do you already include the supplements in your daily routine?

If you want to make taking supplements part of your morning or evening routine, it is useful that you put the supplements in a place that is visible. For example, in the morning close to where you make your breakfast or close to where your toothbrush is in the evening. See what is a convenient place for you so you can incorporate the supplements into your routines.

3. Just start!

Finally when you want to start a new good habit in your life. Is it a matter of ‘just do it’? When you really want something, it’s just a matter of getting started. Once you have started you will see that the daily ‘new’ habit can no longer be ignored in your daily routine(s).

4. Create agenda item with daily repetition

What might help when you start your new daily habit is putting it in your calendar/phone. This way you are reminded of the fact that you (still) have to take your supplements. When you put it in your phone you can easily set a ‘daily repeat’.

5. Good preparation is half the battle

Are you going away for a weekend? Make sure you remember in advance that you take the nutritional supplements with you and that you actually take them. Good preparation is half the battle.

6. Are you already going for the best?

Ultimately, all the tips are useful to learn other new good habits. New good habits help you further in life. Especially when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. This can drastically improve life. So choose the best in everything. A new habit will feel “difficult” at first, but after that you will start to reap the rewards.

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[vc_toggle title=”How long does it take before you can say that taking supplements has an effect?” style=”square_outline” color=”orange” size=”lg” open=”true”]We cannot specify a time period. It depends on how healthy you are, how many deficiencies you have and how much and how regularly you take the supplements. We can say that in general you can only have a visible effect after a few months.[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”Are there any supplements I can always take?” style=”square_outline” color=”orange” size=”lg” open=”true”]Goldea Health has developed the Daily Natural Supplement Pack. A pack of four different basic supplements for everyone.[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”Are Goldea Health’s supplements plant-based?” style=”square_outline” color=”orange” size=”lg” open=”true”]Yes! Everything in our dietary supplement is all-natural and available as a vegetable capsule or softgel.[/vc_toggle]
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