Healthy living in the year 2021, how do you do that?

Healthy living in the year 2021, how do you do that?

More than half of the Dutch population is overweight. Many overweight people, according to researchers, suffer from a lack of micronutrients. According to the RIVM, 32% of the Dutch population has one or more chronic diseases.

Have we become unhealthier over the years?

The past 100 years have seen a transformation in our diet and way of life. Globalization and industrialization have given us access to vast numbers of processed foods. In the time before the 20e century we always feed the seasons from our environment eaten. Food was always organic in those days. Our genes have now evolved on natural and unprocessed food. The processed foods that most people now eat provide energy, but are low in micronutrients. In addition, the ‘pressure’ in society seems to be increasing. The increased work pace and the need to perform continuously makes our society more and more a ‘stress society’. We often ask more and more of our body, but we give it less fuel.

A poor diet can not only lead to (chronic) diseases in adults, children often also have to deal with high blood pressure or diabetes. According to scientists, changes in diet and lifestyle can have a major effect on the situation.

How can I have a healthy lifestyle in 2021?

The basis for a healthy lifestyle is of course eating healthy food. It is important to choose (organic) pure food as a replacement for processed food that only fills but does not nourish. Eat as much plant-based unprocessed food as possible, such as vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds and legumes. Proteins, carbohydrates and fats are important for a healthy body. So eat as varied as possible so that you get enough of these nutrients.

With a healthy diet as a basis, you can occasionally enjoy food that is less nourishing. Too much emphasis on always eating healthy can often also lead to stress.

How do I overcome binge eating?

We deal with temptations every day. So we have to make conscious choices every day. A few tips to resist temptations:


  1. Choose a healthy and tasty alternative. Many recipes are now available on the internet and in cookbooks. Do you fancy unhealthy Oreos or a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream? Then see if there is a healthy alternative.
  2. Never go shopping on an empty stomach.
  3. Drink enough water. Drinking water makes you feel full, making you less inclined to ‘snack’. A ‘feeling hungry’ is often confused with a lack of fluids.
  4. Only have healthy food at home. If you don’t have temptations in your house, you can’t be tempted either. Have you been further trained in avoiding temptations? Test yourself by bringing something unhealthy into your home and seeing how long it takes before it’s gone…
  5. Everyone knows it, you are actually full for a long time but still take that extra sandwich. Know your limit and moderate!
  6. In general, we eat together more often than alone. With whom you eat determines to a large extent how much and what you eat, according to research. Knowing that others can influence your eating behavior can help you improve your eating behavior.
  7. Tell friends and family about your new eating habits. Also tell them why you want to eat healthier. This allows them to better take your new eating habits into account. And maybe she’ll even come with youwant to do.

What is the best energy drink?

Water, water and more water. Tip 3 is essential for us. Humans consist largely of water. In men, their bodies consist of no less than 65% water. In women this is about 50%. If we do not drink enough fluids, there is a good chance that sports performance will deteriorate. If you lose 2% of water, it can already have a striking effect.

Is sport really that important for our body?

Besides eating healthy, exercise is important for a healthy body. Exercise is possible in many ways. You can go hiking or cycling in nature. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator is also part of physical exercise. Choose something that is possible for you and especially what you enjoy doing, so that you can keep it up for a longer period of time. Getting enough exercise can promote a healthy body weight. This also reduces the risk of physical disorders. Exercise is also good for mental health.

Does taking supplements make sense in addition to a healthy lifestyle?

A healthy diet can be supplemented by supplements that promote essential nutrients in the human body. Are you curious which supplements can contribute to a healthy lifestyle for you? For free supplement advice you can contact us. Would you like more information about how this works? Check out our page: free supplements advice.

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Frequently asked questions about a healthy lifestyle

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