Healthy eating on holiday: 7 powerful tips to stay fit

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Healthy eating on holiday: 7 powerful tips to stay fit

We hear and see it more often. The summer kilos always fly faster than we would like, but is that really necessary? We think not! We know from our own experience that with healthy food, even during holidays, you can come back fit and rested.

It can be a challenge to maintain your healthy eating habits while enjoying your well-deserved rest. That’s why we like to share our 7 powerful tips to stay fit while eating on vacation.

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Tip 1: Start your day right!

A healthy breakfast is essential to get energy and kick-start your metabolism. Choose nutritious options. Which is a good guideline: focus on proteins and fats at breakfast. Need inspiration? Think of an omelette, eggs, avocado, yogurt with a little fresh fruit or perhaps homemade banana pancakes. Try to discover the local specialties that contain healthy ingredients and surprise your taste buds.

Tip 2: Prepare healthy food on vacation

Good preparation is the key to success when it comes to eating healthy on holiday. Take some time to pack healthy snacks such as nuts, dried fruit or pick up vegetable snacks upon arrival. That way you always have a healthy option on hand when the cravings strike.

Tip 3: Stay in a place with a kitchen

Choose an accommodation with a kitchen, so you can prepare healthy meals yourself. This puts you in control of what you eat and allows you to use fresh and healthy ingredients. Visit local markets to buy seasonal fruits and vegetables and create delicious dishes in your own kitchen. Not only healthy, but also super fun to do!

Tip 4: Keep your eating moments limited

Try to limit your eating moments on vacation to a maximum of 3 per day. This will help you avoid excessive snacking and better control your hunger pangs. Of course there is room for exceptions, because enjoying local delicacies is also part of a holiday.

Tip 5: Stick to ‘normal’ patterns

It’s important to stick to your ‘normal’ diet, even on vacation. Try to plan your meals around the same times as at home and stay true to your healthy habits. This will help keep your energy levels stable and prevent you from falling into unhealthy eating patterns.

Tip 6: Eat local products

A great way to eat healthy on holiday is to explore local produce. Try to taste the traditional dishes and ingredients of the destination. Go for high quality local vegetables, fruit, fish and meat. This gives you the chance to experience the culture and eat nutritious meals at the same time.

Tip 7: Make sure you drink enough

Hydration is crucial, especially while on vacation. Make sure you drink enough water to stay hydrated, especially if you stay in hot climates. Water helps your body function properly, maintain your energy levels and support your digestive system.

And no, I don’t mean cocktails, beer and wine. These are often full of sugars, so enjoy in moderation. These sugary drinks and alcohol can dehydrate you and lower your energy.

Extra healthy eating tip on holiday: #07 Digestion complex

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By putting these tips into practice, eat healthy on vacation. Do you give yourself the chance to enjoy delicious food and at the same time stay healthy and fit on vacation. Don’t forget to relax, enjoy the local cuisine and the unique culinary experiences your destination has to offer. A healthy lifestyle is a balance between responsibility and fun, even on vacation.

So, hit the road, discover new flavors and stay true to your healthy habits. You will find that healthy eating on vacation is not only possible, but can also be an enriching and satisfying experience. Enjoy your holiday and feel good in both body and mind!

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