Everything you need to know about food supplements

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Everything you need to know about food supplements

Food supplements, what are they? Why are they needed? Are they really necessary? And which are the best? These are questions that many of us share and where we will find the answer to today.

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What exactly are food supplements?

Food supplements are an addition to your daily diet. These are ofter vitamins or minerals, such as vitamin C or magnesium. Moreover, they can also serve a specific purpose, such as better sleep or healthier skin. The overall goal of food supplements is to improve your health.

Why are food supplements recommended?

A question we regularly get asked is; is taking vitamins and minerals really necessary? The answer is a little more complex than just yes or no. A healthy diet and sufficient exercise contribute to good health. However, there may be times when your body needs a little extra to funtion optimally. For example, when you get older, have a lot of stress, or because your body does not get enough nutrients from food. The latter in particular is a factor that is becoming increasingly important. Due to depleted agricultural land, our fruits and vegetables contain fewer nutrients than they did 50 years ago. This makes it harder to get all the nutrients your body needs.

What should you pay attention to when purchasing food supplements?

Nowadays there are many food supplement providers. This makes it increasingly diffucult for consumers to make a choice. And this while making the right, healthy and sustainable choise is very important. Many supplement providers use harmful and artificial ingredients like fillers, which are used to fill the capsule, or glazing agent and anti-caking agents. The reason these ingredients are used is because they are cheap to produce. But other than, for example, filling the capsule or making it shine, they serve no other purpose and do not contribute to health.

Want to know more about which ingredients to avoid when it comes to dietary supplements? Then join our mini course ‘Know what you are taking’. In this course which you can do whenever you want, we teach you why certain ingredients are harmful and why they are used.

Why Goldea Health’s food supplements?

Goldea Health’s dietary supplements contain only natural ingredients. This means that all ingredients of our supplements are of natural origin and no artificial substances have been added. The quality of the ingredients is our number one priority and that is why we are continuously working to guarantee this. Our ingredients are also plant-based and therefore suitable for vegans.

Free and personal food supplements advice

Are you curious which supplements could be a good addition to your daily requirement? Request our free and personal advice! Based on your lifestyle, our orthomolecular nutritionist will write a open-ended and personal advice and you will immediately receive a 10% discount on your first order!


Onder andere doordat onze groenten en fruit minder voedingsstoffen bevatten dan 50 jaar geleden, kunnen voedingssupplementen een goede aanvulling zijn op de dagelijkse behoefte. Een voorwaarde hiervan is wel dat deze de juiste ingrediënten bevatten. Vaak voegen fabrikanten allerlei kunstmatige toevoegingen zoals antiklonter- en glansmiddelen toe, zonder dat deze een bijdrage hebben aan de gezondheid. In onze minicursus ‘Weet wat je slikt’ helpen we je op weg in de kennis over ingrediënten die je beter kunt vermijden. De voedingssupplementen van Goldea Health zijn uitsluitend gemaakt van natuurlijke ingrediënten, lichaamseigen stoffen en 100% plantaardig. Benieuwd welke vitamines of mineralen een goede aanvulling kunnen zijn op jouw leefstijl en behoefte? Vraag dan ons gratis en persoonlijk supplementen advies aan. 


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