Blood sugar level – Sugar Gluco Balance

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Blood sugar level – Sugar Gluco Balance

The body is a complex machine. It knows how to maintain itself very well, provided it is fed the right fuel. It can sometimes be difficult for us to know exactly what your body needs. By gaining more knowledge about how the body works, you increase the chance of fulfilling your body’s needs better. In this blog we teach you about blood sugar, what exactly is it? How does it affect the rest of your body? And how can you keep it up to date?

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What exactly is your blood sugar level?

Your body is continuously balancing your blood sugar level throughout the day. When you eat or drink, your body receives carbohydrates that are partly converted into glucose. This glucose ends up in the blood and travels throughout the body to provide all cells with energy. Your blood sugar level is the amount of blood glucose in your body. If you eat a lot of (natural) sugar in a short time, for example by drinking a smoothie, the amount of glucose in your blood peaks. Your body then produces insulin to lower this value again.

Signs your blood sugar level is stable

If you are hungry, dizzy or tired, it may be related to your blood sugar. It then helps to eat something. Your body can convert the food you ingest into glucose and with this it can give energy to your cells. When glucose levels are at normal levels, you can feel energized and sharp.

How do you keep your blood sugar level stable?

There is a lot to be found online about how to maintain your glucose levels and luckily you can apply much of it in your daily life. We have found the three best tips and listed them for you below:

  • Exercise

By exercising regularly you lower the sugar level in your blood. Because of the exercise you burn carbohydrates and this ensures that your glucose level will drop.

  • Less sugar

We hear it all around us; pure sugar is the enemy of the body. This certainly applies to blood sugar. What does sugar do to your body? Sugar causes a spike in glucose levels. The body then produces a lot of insulin to lower the glucose level in the blood. What follows is hunger, because the glucose level becomes too low again. The result is unstable blood sugar.

  • Enough fiber

Fiber is ideal when you want to eat a good meal that gives your body energy for a longer period of time. This is because fiber is slower to digest. They slow down the absorption of carbohydrates. As a result, the sugar is released into the blood more gradually and your blood sugar level remains stable.

Why use food supplements for your blood sugar level?

As with many other processes in your body, you can support your natural health by providing your body with the right fuel. This also applies to finding a natural blood sugar level. Natural nutritional supplements can help you on your way to a stable glucose level.

Sugar Gluco Balance

The Sugar Gluco Balance herbal preparations contain Cinnamomum, or cinnamon, which contributes to the maintenance of a natural blood sugar level. Below you can read the effect of some of the ingredients of our Sugar Gluco Balance.

  • Cinnamon contributes to the maintenance of a healthy, natural blood sugar level
  • Cinnamon is good for digestion
  • Cinnamon has a good effect on blood circulation
  • Cinnamon, for a feeling of fullness in the stomach
  • Turmeric supports fat metabolism

* Health claims pending European authorization.

Goldea Health’s herbal preparations are composed by natural scientists on the basis of the latest scientific insights. Each herbal preparation contains only extracts and powders in its purest form. The composition of each preparation ensures an optimal contribution to your health. Because we only produce in the Netherlands, we can guarantee you the very best quality herbal preparations.


Keeping your glucose levels stable can be tricky. Especially if we don’t know exactly how blood sugar works. When you eat a lot of sugar in a short time, the amount of glucose in your blood peaks. Due to the production of insulin, this value decreases, but it can also decrease just too much, which makes you experience a hungry feeling again. You can ensure a stable glucose level yourself through exercise, reducing sugars in your diet and adding fiber. Taking a natural dietary supplement can help you maintain your sugar levels. Enriched with cinnamon and turmeric, among other things, our Sugar Gluco Balance helps you with this.

Sugar Gluco Balance


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