Black Friday becomes Charity Friday!


Black Friday becomes Charity Friday!

Every year towards the end of November, consumers get ready for ‘Black Friday’, the biggest shopping event of the year. This day often lasts the whole weekend or even a week. People also talk of ‘Black Friday madness’. Goldea Health is not participating in this madness. The many (online) orders put pressure on our logistics and therefore the environment. That’s why Goldea Health chooses Charity Friday!

Which vitamins to take in the winter?

In the winter we have less hours of sunshine, our body will also have to burn more calories to stay warm. The physiological effects and the mental effects that come with that mean that specific vitamins and supplements should be given priority in the winter. We mention the four most important dietary supplements, to get you through the dark days well.

Good for you. Good for the earth.

Founder Lucinda explains: ‘With Goldea Health we really try to offer people a golden and healthy future, by inspiring and motivating them in the field of a healthy lifestyle. Our natural food supplements play an important role in this. With us, the win-win situation is always central. Good for you. Good for the earth.’

Today, there is a #optout and #optoutside movement. For example, companies choose to close their (online) doors. That is also a way in which you can deal with Black Friday.

Charity Friday

Goldea Health does it differently. With us no ‘false’ discounts, but a donation to charity. Our selling prices remain the same. This is an action we came up with in 2020, is was also the first time we introduced: ‘Charity Friday’. Our followers have chosen a charity. The charity for 2021 has become ‘Voedselbank Amsterdam’! ‘An eye for food, heart for people’. That is the mission of the ‘Voedselbank Amsterdam’. And Goldea Health supports their stand for 100%. Did you know that no one needs to be hungry if we donate food surpluses to them? This is beneficial for people and the environment.

Win a vitamin package

Goldea Health donates 25% of every order to the chosen charity and a free vitamin package is raffled off under all orders. ‘In this way we hope to contribute and create a bit of awareness.’ For all orders from now until 29 November, we will donate 25% to ‘Voedselbank Amsterdam’.

Do you also have a warm heart for Food Bank Amsterdam?

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