Best vitamin C without additives

Best vitamin C without additives

If you’re looking for the best vitamin C without additives, there are some ingredients you should avoid. In this blog we explain exactly how to identify unnecessary additives such as talcum powder, polishes and fillers on the label.

Vegetable vitamin C without excipients

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Vitamin C without additives: what to watch out for?

When purchasing a vitamin C supplement, it is important to pay attention to the ingredients listed next to the vitamin C on the label. The most important ingredient, namely vitamin C, is almost always referred to as ‘vitamin C’, ‘ascorbic acid’ or ‘sodium ascorbate’.

On the labels of our natural vitamin C you will see ‘sodium ascorbate’. This form is salt-bound and can therefore be absorbed well by our body. Our body is naturally salty.

Unnecessary additions: E numbers

At Goldea Health we find the addition of the E numbers below, which are regularly used in food supplements, unnecessary. That’s why you won’t find them on our labels:

  • E 460 (celluose)
  • E 1202 (polyvinylpolypyrrolidone)
  • E 572 (magnesium stearate)
  • E 551 (silicon dioxide)
  • E 553b (talk)
  • E 100 to 181 (dyes)

Superfluous additions: other names

Sometimes the E number is not named. Then pay attention to the following names:

  • E 572 and E 551 are anti-clotting agents
  • E 460 is a stabilizer

Superfluous additives: animal components

All Goldea Health supplements are completely plant based. You will not find gelatin on the ingredients list, which is often used for the capsule or softgel. Our supplements have vegetable capsules. These are made from pectin, which is extracted from the skin of fruits.

Get vitamin C from food or supplements?


Our body cannot make vitamin C itself. Many animals and plants can do this. Fortunately, we can get vitamin C from food or nutritional supplements.

A varied diet with enough vegetables and fruit should suffice for the daily recommended amount of vitamin C. You can choose to support your health with supplements.

The nutrition center uses 75 milligrams of vitamin C as the daily recommended amount (RDA) for adults.

Food supplements suitable for vegans

At Goldea Health we think your health is important, but we want to cause as little damage as possible to people, animals and our planet during the production process of our supplements. All Goldea Health products therefore contain no animal ingredients.

Questions about our supplements

Do you have a question about placing an order in our supplements webshop or do you want to know more about the composition of our natural vitamin C? Please contact us for this and all your other questions. We are there for you and advise you on the use of our supplements.

The importance of vitamin C

In the 18th century, the scientist James Lind discovered that scurvy, a common

Although a serious vitamin C deficiency (almost) never occurs nowadays, it should be clear: vitamin C is crucial for good health. This strong antioxidant supports, among other things, the functioning of the immune system andthe formation of collagen. Visit the ‘natural-vitamin C” page for more information about why vitamin C is so good for you.

Buy natural vitamin C?

Goldea Health exclusively sells nutritional supplements online. You can buy our natural vitamin C in our webshop by following the following steps:

  1. Click in the supplements webshop on the shopping cart for the product you want to order.
  2. Pay directly? Click on ‘Add to cart’.
  3. Is your order overview correct? Via the button ‘Proceed to checkout’, you go to the next step.
  4. Log in if you already have an account with us. Are you ordering for the first time? Please enter your address and contact details.
  5. Indicate how you want to pay.
  6. You’re almost there! Agree to the terms and conditions and click on ‘Place order’.

When we receive your order, we get to work right away!

Frequently asked questions about vitamin C without unnecessary additives

[vc_toggle title=”Are E numbers dangerous?” style=”square_outline” color=”orange” size=”lg” open=”true”]No. E numbers are help numbers approved by the European Union. In principle, they are not dangerous to your health. At Goldea Health, we do believe that some E numbers do not add value to health.[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”How much vitamin C is in your vitamin C supplements?” style=”square_outline” color=”orange” size=”lg” open=”true”]Our natural vitamin C supplements contain 1000 mg of Vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbate). This is 1250% of the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA).[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”Can You Get Too Much Vitamin C?” style=”square_outline” color=”orange” size=”lg” open=”true”]No. Since vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, you simply pee out excess vitamin C.[/vc_toggle]
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