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Sell products that make you and your customers happy, without investing? Goldea Health offers the opportunity.

Take advantage of our attractive partner program and become a partner. Earn lifetime commissions by recommending Goldea Health. You already create an account in just a few steps. An interesting way to help other people improve their health and also generate extra income without investment.

Partners of Goldea Health

Take advantage of:

  • Commissions per sale with lifelong commissions on future sales
  • A marketing package (including sales display, brochures, manual)
  • Sales and information training
  • 1x a year an inspiring meeting in the center of the Netherlands

For whom?

Perhaps you have a gym, beauty salon, health practice or you are a nutritionist, coach, therapist or have another business. Your customer needs nutritional supplements. A great opportunity for you to increase your turnover and make your customer happy. You don’t have to worry about knowledge of supplements, because we are handing out a very handy handbook to you. You can also use the training courses that we offer you.

We are happy to explain how you can start earning money in four simple steps:

  1. Sign up using the form on this page.
  2. As soon as your application is approved by us, you will receive a letter of intent from us to sign.
  3. A partner account will be created and you will receive a specific url to the Goldea Health website including QR code.
  4. Make sure you forward customers to our website and you will earn commissions on every sale made.
  5. Every month there is an overview and payment

What does Goldea Health stand for?

100% natural food supplements from Dutch soil. Only the most pure and clean ingredients are good enough for our products. We do not add unnecessary or artificial substances. In addition, the compositions are determined by natural scientists on the basis of the latest scientific research. Top quality, completely vegan and as sustainable as possible.


“Create a happy healthy tomorrow for people and nature”

Would you like more information about the partnership program and would you like to get to know us better? Please contact us via the contact form.

Goldea Health. Your partner in nutritional supplements.

Additional information

Become a partner

We offer a good commission on the realized sales excl. VAT. If you have referred a customer and later order them directly from Goldea Health, they will still be recognized as your customer and this will count towards the commission. Also known as lifetime commissions. Get in touch to receive numbers.

Every quarter there is an overview and corresponding payment. The commission is transferred directly to the bank account number you specified.

You will have the money in your account within two weeks after the end of the quarter.

The referral cookie is stored for 60 days

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