Marvy Rieder

“When I started using Goldea Health’s nutritional supplements tailored to my needs, I noticed positive changes in my body.
The products and the philosophy behind them appeal to me so much that I am a proud ambassador.”

Angré Strijd

“Goldea is pure, without additives, without additives. Actually a pure supplement. Often we are in our shortages and you just have to supplement it in a natural way. And Goldea helps tremendously with that.”

Dennis van der Geest

“I stand behind Goldea Health products. Top quality, fits through the letterbox and comes from the Netherlands. It also looks nice and there is no mess in it.”

Floor Hansen

“In my plant-based lifestyle I looked for the best from nature and I found a perfect match with Goldea Health. Supplements with only pure ingredients, without fillers and substances you don’t want to ingest. Back to basics and a wonderful starting point for new adventures and a balanced and healthy life!”