Ernst Winter

“I choose Goldea Health because they supply pure products, without chemical additives”

Ernst Winter Health coach Goldea Health

”I choose Goldea Health because they supply pure products, without chemical additives. Furthermore, the products are scientifically substantiated, which I find very important. And, not unimportantly, it is from Dutch soil.”

Ernst Winter

Ernst is a passionate Personal Trainer, Health Coach and entrepreneur. His life has always been dominated by sport, although that did not always go without a hitch. When Ernst was 19 years old, he suffered a serious knee injury due to a football accident. The result was a complex operation and a long recovery process. But because of his will and motivation he managed to get over this. This experience grew into a passion for guiding, training and challenging people in such a way that they can lead a pain-free and fit life and achieve their goals.

With over 10 years of experience as a Personal Trainer, he is able to help people achieve their goals in the field of sport. Functional, powerful and explosive training with an emphasis on the correct form of the exercise – you have come to the right place at Ernst.

Inside Out

He does all this together with his partner, model Amanda Westenberg. By giving both group and private lessons, for fitness and Pilates, Ernst and Amanda combine their expertise to help a larger target group regain their balance.

Ernst Under the name The Inside Out, Ernst and Amanda aim to realize a shift in the fitness industry. After all, there is still too often only a focus on the physique of athletes and models. Its appearance is taken as an example and focus, while it all starts on the inside; hence Inside Out. Looking beyond your physical progression, paying attention to your lifestyle and nutrition, that makes sustainable progress and that is what The Inside Out stands for.

Health Hack

“My Health Hack would be to make small adjustments in everyday life. For example, you can do your shopping on foot or by bike, instead of by car. And what helps me, for example, is taking my supplements every day.”

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