Dokter Valentine

“As a plant-based doctor for integral medicine and lifestyle, I think it’s important that supplements are pure and plant-based.”

Dokter Valentine arts voor integrale geneeskunde en leefstijl Goldea Health

“As a plant-based doctor for integral medicine and lifestyle, I think it’s important that supplements are pure and plant-based. Without unnecessary and harmful additives. High quality, thoroughly substantiated by science. These qualities are reflected in Goldea Health. A Dutch company that delivers quality , values ​​sustainability and transparency just as much as I do!”

Valentine Dillisse

Known as Dokter Valentine for integrative medicine and lifestyle doctor. After a career in acute medicine and anaesthesia, she specialized as a company doctor and worked for KLM for 13 years.

After Valentine herself struggled with personal complaints 11 years ago, she started looking for a way to get a grip on her illness. As an integral doctor, Valentine strongly believes in the power of one’s own body. By researching this, she found that adjusting her lifestyle already made a huge difference. In the meantime she has not kept all her acquired knowledge to herself and she is still busy researching and reading scientific literature on a daily basis. Many patients already benefit from the advice Valentine gives them for complaints that people sometimes have for years. She often sees complaints such as obesity, chronic diseases, intestinal infections, diabetes, high blood pressure and even depression and affects your lifestyle. Lifestyle also appears to play an important role in the development of cancer, joint disorders and dementia.

Because she saw such a clear difference in herself, she wants to share her knowledge with everyone who needs this. In her view, the effect of lifestyle on good health is so important and not enough people know about it yet. As a doctor of integral medicine and lifestyle, she wants to make a difference in this.

Doctor Valentine

After Valentine saw so clearly in herself and others the effect of lifestyle on health, she started training in integrative medicine and lifestyle a few years ago. She has also followed several training courses in the field of plant-based nutrition; a diet that is not only good for the climate, but also very good for health!

Valentine now shares her knowledge about health, chronic diseases and a healthy lifestyle with the world online. She does this out of passion for the subject and experience with what works for her as a chronic heart patient: what has worked for her patients in recent years and what science says about it.

Why an expert?

Valentine is a very beautiful and additional source of inspiration for us. With her interesting blogs, she always manages to surprise us. And not just with her blogs. Also with her enthusiasm and inquisitiveness to gain more knowledge in her and our field. With her many years of experience in medicine and her current training in plant-based nutrition, we are very proud that Valentine is one of our experts and ambassadors.

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