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“A pure product is very important to me. I want to know what I’m ingesting, where something comes from and what it does to me. It must be effective and easy to use. Goldea Health is one of the few that meets this requirement, the best choice!”

Cynthia Pronk

When Cynthia’s world was turned upside down years ago, she knew: this must and can be done differently.
She had all kinds of “vague” complaints, sleeping problems, heavy and painful periods, allergic reactions, restlessness. Nowhere was she heard and according to the “norm” there was nothing wrong.

She did not leave it at that and immersed herself in physical and mental health. She followed various courses, quit her toxic job and continued as a yoga teacher. Feeling the body and recognizing signals was a common thread. She helped many women with pain complaints and the cause could always be found in a mental and physical imbalance.

Her personal experience and acquired knowledge have helped her to regain and stay in balance. She recognizes and understands her body’s signals and knows what to do. As she herself says: “I found my body’s manual”.


When you’re not feeling well, this is enough reason to be taken seriously. Chronic complaints are not normal and the solution is sometimes so close. In her Health Boutique Cyntuigen, Cynthia will help you on your way. Together with you, she looks at the real cause of your complaints and how to solve them. It starts with understanding your body, after that anything is possible.


With her own experience and passion for finding a healthy balance between body and mind, we are very happy that she is one of our experts! Request your personal advice now and Cynthia will get back to you.

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