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Goldea Health is an expert in the field of natural nutritional supplements. Founded because we believe that every person deserves the best health, but also to wake up the world and show that most supplements contain artificial and unnecessary additives. Our nutritional supplements are pure, clean and completely plant-based. Reliable and sustainable from Dutch soil.

We're on a mission!

We believe that we can make the world a bit healthier by inspiring, sharing knowledge and motivating people towards good, balanced health. Using good nutritional supplements can make the difference. As an experienced supplement user, we were shocked by all the chemical additives, which is why we wanted to develop a pure and pure nutritional supplement. We are supported by experts such as doctors, orthomolecular therapists and natural scientists.

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Our mission

A healthier world with reliable supplements from the Netherlands.

Why nutritional supplements from Goldea Health?

We only choose the best from nature. Exceptional quality with only pure and pure ingredients, without unnecessary and/or artificial additives. The formulas are compiled by natural scientists based on the latest scientific research. Our products are beautifully packaged and fit through your letterbox. Would you like to know more about our story or our products? Please feel free contact with us! We are happy to assist you.

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When do you use nutritional supplements?

A healthy diet and sufficient exercise contribute to good health. However, there may be times when your body needs a little extra to function optimally. For example, if you get older, have a lot of stress, or because your body does not get enough nutrients from food. Our desire is to offer you the best vitamins and nutritional supplements. Whether you want to start improving your health or are already using nutritional supplements. Did you know that we do too? free and personal advice to give?

What characterizes the
nutritional supplements
from Goldea Health?

Sustainability and

We want to leave the world we live in as good as possible for future generations.


Animal suffering is a no-go for us. We do not use products of animal origin and we always do not test on animals.


The best of nature without unnecessary and/or artificial additives.


Unique formulas based on scientific insights.

Lucinda – Founder Goldea Health

I believe that every person has an internal drive for a healthier, longer and happier life. I would like to help people achieve this by sharing knowledge, inspiring and motivating them in the field of a healthy lifestyle. My own passion for health led to the creation of Goldea Health. A high-quality brand with only the best from nature, completely vegan and sustainable. Creating a win-win situation is paramount. Good for you. Good for the earth.

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The name Goldea Health

The name Goldea is derived from the golden idea and, in combination with the hummingbird, a beautiful whole. The hummingbird is a powerful and active bird that is always looking for the best food. She is very careful, makes the best choices and looks for the beauty in every day. She shows us what nature has to offer!

Goldea Health is sustainable and vegan

It is common knowledge that our earth is subject to exhaustion and pollution. It is precisely this exhaustion that means that our diet contains fewer nutrients. This makes organic food increasingly important and with the help of nutritional supplements you can provide your body with extra support. Our products are 100% natural and vegan. Our capsules are also completely plant-based. Moreover, we package and ship in a sustainable way. Motivated people who are at a distance from the labor market work in our warehouse and logistics department. We believe it is important to contribute to this.

Goldea Health

Reliable and pure

What you see is what you get. Our products have clear labels that state what is in the supplement. In addition, we closely monitor the production process, which allows us to guarantee the integrity and purity of each product. Customers can trust that with Goldea Health they have top quality!

Science and experience

In collaboration with natural scientists, Goldea Health translates the latest scientific research into new recipes, which we extensively test before launching the supplements on the market. Our years of experience and global network enable us to process only the best ingredients into a proven formula.

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