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Which supplements are right for you? Personal advice from our Orthomolecular Health Therapist Cynthia.
“Don’t trust a standard quiz, go for personal advice!”

Our range of supplements


The best from nature without unnecessary and/or artificial additives.


Unique formulas based on scientific insights.

Our story

Goldea Health is an expert in natural nutritional supplements. Founded because we believe that every person has an internal drive for a healthier, happier and longer life.

Our mission

A healthier world with reliable supplements from the Netherlands.

100% vegetable
Sugar free
Gluten free
Without additions
Dairy free
100% vegan

Experts say

Major shortage of vitamins and minerals in our diet

The quality of food is decreasing due to overproduction, the use of fertilizers, pesticides and preservatives. As a result, our food contains fewer nutrients than it did 50 years ago. For example, an orange now contains less vitamin C than it did 50 years ago. For this reason, the importance of nutritional supplements has grown strongly. Supplement your deficiencies with the right supplements that your body needs.

This is what our customers say

darm support pakket Goldea health

The gut support package consists of four types of supplements: Power 5 Magnesium, Digestion Complex, Curcumin C3-Complex and Vegan Omega 3. These supplements help to support your intestines.

From €90,80 for €79,95

Safe capsules from the Netherlands

All our supplements are certified. In this way we take responsibility for our nutritional supplements and adhere to the specific standards and requirements that come with it.

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