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At Goldea Health, you will find a unique range of natural dietary supplements that suit your healthy and conscious lifestyle.

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Goldea Health will help you find the dietary supplement that your body needs.

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Natural vitamin C – Premium Vitamin C
Natural vitamin C – Premium Vitamin C
Natural vitamin C – Premium Vitamin C
Sodium Ascorbate
€ 10,95In stock
    Omega 3 plant-based
    Omega 3 plant-based
    Omega 3 plant-based
    Rich source of algae oil (EPA and DHA 1:3)
    € 17,50In stock
      Natural vitamin D
      Natural vitamin D
      Natural vitamin D
      Vegan D3 – 1000 IU – 25 mcg
      € 9,95In stock
        Vitamin B12 supplements
        Vitamin B12 supplements
        Vitamin B12 supplements
        Supports energy levels
        € 14,95In stock

          High-quality pure dietary supplements for everyone

          Our formulas have been developed on the basis of scientific studies. Together with natural scientists and therapists from the Netherlands, we have come up with ideal compositions. Each unique formula is tailored to a specific need and supports a healthy body and life.

          We only use pure ingredients, which means that you can also use our dietary supplements if, for example, you have a gluten allergy or are lactose intolerant.

          • 100% plant-based
          • Gluten-free
          • Sugar-free
          • Free of additives
          • Milk-free
          • 100% vegan

          Good for you. Good for the Earth

          No animal suffering,

          Our food supplements are completely vegan. We therefore do not use animal products as a raw material for products and packaging.

          Responsibility for the future,

          Goldea Health wants to leave the world in which we live as good as possible for future generations. For example, our packaging is made from sustainable cardboar...

          Health and nature go hand in hand,

          Our body can obtain many healthy substances from food. With supplements you can give your health an extra boost and make up for deficiencies when needed.

          We share our knowledge

          Which vitamin supports the immune system? Are there dietary supplements that can help during periods of stress? We share our knowledge about nutrition and health with you and keep you informed of new developments in the field of dietary supplements.

          Information about supplements

          Our mission

          It is our mission to offer people a golden future with our natural dietary supplements. We believe that a balanced diet complemented with high-quality dietary supplements makes an essential contribution to this. Because each and every one of us would like to have a healthier, longer and happier life.

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